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4-28-11 [Travel/City_3]


This is the W.T. Young library at UK campus.


3-4-11 [Studio_1]


We placed the key light on the subject's 2:00 position, and also used a small amount of light behind the subject. Both light fixtures were about 2-3 feet above the lens.

3-4-11 [Studio_2]


We placed nearly all of the light on the left side of the subject. Some fill light was used a little more towards the center but the picture is dominated by the left-hand light,. This creates a dramatic half-light half-dark feel.

3-4-11 [Studio_3]


The third shot uses teh same key light in the 2:00 position as the first shot, but without the fill light on his back. We thought this made for a cool effect.

3-4-11 [Studio_4]

white board

My last shot places the light on the right side of the subject, to contrast with the left side light in the second photo. I believe a reflector was placed to the left of the light to keep it on the subject.

12-9-10 (Night/Lowlight-np1)

Night Photo 1

This is a picture of the street I live on. Most of the light is provided by the street lamps.

12-9-10 (Night/Lowlight-np2)

Night Photo 2

This is a picture of the moon on a partly cloudy night. The photo uses the rule of thirds.